Homeless Hospice Patients Falls In Love And Get Married In The Facility Where They Met

by Sneha Goud

Two residents at a hospice center for the homeless in Utah might be terminally ill, but they have a lot to celebrate.

Ernie Dubose and Linda Lemieux met at The Inn Between, a hospice facility serving Salt Lake City’s homeless community. The mission of The Inn Between is to keep vulnerable people from dying on the streets by providing a safe space for people with no place to go in a medical emergency. Linda says the facility saved her life, and brought her to Ernie. They fell in love while in hospice.

“I couldn’t live without him in my life, and I believe he felt the same way,” Lemieux said.

So they decided to live out the rest of their lives together. The two lovebirds decided to get married and start a new life as a team.

The couple chose to join together in matrimony in the place they met. The ceremony will be held in the chapel in The Inn Between. The chapel is typically used for memorial services for patients who have passed, so this happy occasion was a first.

Ernie has an inoperable heart condition and Linda was a heroin addict whose hepatitis C turned into liver cancer. Despite their terminal health issues, the couple contributes to the care center. Ernie works in the kitchen and Linda runs errands for other residents.

Dubose feels he has found his soulmate. “‘First time in all my life I found somebody that’s actually, we’re the same,’ he said.”

Program director Matilda Lindgren said, “They both are terminally ill and decided they really want to get married before…before it was too late so they can enjoy the rest of their days together.”

Footage below provided by KSTU Salt Lake City 


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