Homeless Dad Hasn’t Seen His Family In 24 Years Until Cop Finds Him Sleeping In A Train Station

by Amy Paige
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Two decades ago, Jose Lopez left Long Branch, New Jersey, and headed down to Miami, Florida. It was a move that cost him his job, his home, and any connection he had to his family and friends.

Jose’s daughters, Kristie and Angela, were still kids when he left. They went on to have families of their own and never knew what happened to Jose.

After 24 years, Jose returned to New Jersey at the age of 61. He was now homeless and sleeping inside a train station.

One day, New Jersey Transit Officer Josua Robles came upon Jose in the station and struck up a conversation with the downtrodden man. Jose didn’t know it yet, but this chance encounter would turn his life around.

Officer Robles learned Jose was trying to get back to Long Branch in an effort to reconnect with his family. “If you have their information, I can contact them for you,” the officer kindly said, according to News 12.

But Jose said he had no clue where they were and no real information to give the officer.

Thinking of his own father and his son, Officer Robles knew right then and there that he wanted to do everything in his power to help.

With the assistance of a crisis outreach officer, it was time to try and reunite Jose with his daughters, Kristie and Angela … but where were they, and did they want to be found?

H/T: CBS New York

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