Homeless Dog Was Afraid To Come Out Of Hiding, But When A Hero Shows Up? OMG!

by Caroline Bayard
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Did you know that there are more than five times the number of homeless dogs as there are homeless humans in the United States?

While this may sound like progress for getting people off the streets, the fact remains that both types of homelessness are an epidemic in our country. I can’t stress enough the many reasons to adopt a homeless pet instead of buying one, so I’m going to let this next powerful video do the talking.

Here at LittleThings, we are big, big fans of Eldad Hagar and his amazing team of volunteers at the Southern California-based Hope For Paws rescue organization. They’ve gotten countless helpless animals off the streets and into loving homes — and inspired even more humans to help!

In the following video, we see a scared, hopeless street dog who the rescuers named “Toto.” At first, Toto was too frightened to be rescued, which is most likely due to abuse by previous owners or just a lack of human interaction over the years.

However, when a kind hero reaches out, everything changes for the furry white pup…

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