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Homeless Dog With Layers Of Matted Hair Looks Completely Unrecognizable With New Haircut

by Allyson Souza
Ally is a born-and-bred Jersey Girl who studied English and Journalism at Rutgers University. In her free time, she spends too much money on food, continues the endless search for her next favorite book, and fails to use her gym membership on a daily basis. She comes from a huge, crazy family that sells Fish & Chips for a living and she wouldn’t have it any other way.

When Mikhail was rescued, there were nearly 200 other animals saved along with him; 181 to be exact. And a whopping 121 of those sweet animals were dogs.

The Humane Society of the United States swooped in on a suspected puppy mill and saved these innocent creatures from a cruel life and, most likely, an even crueler death.

But that wasn’t the end of one dog’s long journey.

Mikhail was found with his coat so matted that it could be lifted in full layers from his body. Not to mention the fact that it was completely blocking his vision in one filthy swoop of fur.

But Melita Yearwood was about to turn it all around for little Mikhail.

Yearwood adopted Mikhail from The Human Society, knowing that he would need extra care to overcome his rough life. The idea of this didn’t scare her off, but instead made her love her little boy even more.

And slowly but surely, Mikhail is transforming into a comfortable, playful dog. He even has a puppy sister named Destiny to hang out with all day.

Though Yearwood noted that there are still some things that she and Mikhail are working on, the progress he’s made already is truly amazing.

“I can see where he was, where he is, and I even know where he is going because it’s only going to get better,” Yearwood says about the pooch in the Humane Society video below.

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