Homeless Dad Overwhelmed With Emotion When He Finds Children’s Gift In Glove Compartment

by Amy Paige
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There are thousands of homeless men and women who live in Kentucky, and Bobby Stevens is one of them.

He’s also a father of two, but because of his stressful circumstances he says he doesn’t get to see his kids as much as he’d love to.

During the 2019 holiday season, Bobby got to be with his kids for only an hour and a half. Once they said goodbye and left, Bobby went to reach into his glove box — and that’s when he remembered his kids had left him some Christmas presents inside the compartment.

Bobby turned on his camera and tore into the wrapping paper.

He didn’t expect to capture such an emotional response to their heartfelt gifts — but sometimes it’s the smallest gesture that can make the most impact, especially when you need it the most.

Bobby received a wool hat from his daughter and a measuring tape from his son, inscribed with the words “#1 Dad.”

He says this was the very first set of gift his kids got for him, on their own accord, that praised him as a father. “When I found these it made me realize that no matter how bad it gets someone out there is in a worse situation than me,” Bobby told Newsflare. “And finding these was just the light I needed in the dark to keep pushing!”

Bobby says he became so emotional in his car that he had to turn the camera off “to keep from bawling on film.”

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