Homeless Boy Who’s Only Ever Wanted His Own Bed Is Surprised With Fully-Furnished Home

by June Rivers
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Ever since Dionna lost her nursing job and home, she and her 8-year-old son have shuffled from one homeless shelter to another.

All the little boy from Detroit has ever wanted was a bed to call his own.

Authorities were eventually able to find housing for the mother-son, but there was a catch: the home would be completely unfurnished. She couldn’t afford to do it herself.

Dionna and Daeyrs had to sleep on the floor.

That’s when Treger Strasberg of a charity called Humble Design stepped in and made Daerys’ dream come true. She and her team transformed their house from top to bottom, with new furniture, decor and appliances.

After taking Dionna and Daerys on a tour, Treger revealed the biggest surprise of all.

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