Home Depot Worker Snatches Falling Baby Out Of The Air When His Carrier Tips Off Shopping Cart

by Allyson Souza
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It can be a bit stressful to go shopping with a baby.

There are so many things to remember and no matter how prepared you are, if your little one decides he doesn’t feel like shopping then there’s really nothing you can do.

You’re stuck enduring the stares of annoyed shoppers as your baby cries or simply forgetting about your purchases and skating out of the store as quickly as you can.

Neither is a great option, but these are the choices that all parents have to make at one time or another.

Sometimes babies just feel like crying and no amount of soothing will do the trick until they’ve tired themselves out.

But, when you do end up going through with your shopping trip, it’s important to keep a close eye on your baby even if they seem to be content in their seat.

This was something that one set of parents learned the hard way during a shopping trip at the Home Depot.

As his parents stood nearby, one baby’s carrier slowly tipped off the shopping cart that it had been placed on.

Luckily, there was a store employee nearby who stepped up in the nick of time.

Chris Strickland quickly rushed to the baby’s aid, catching him just as he rolled out of his seat and was heading for the hard floor.

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