Mom Is Blown Away When Home Depot Manager Helps With Son’s Costume And Then Pays For All Of It

by Ileana Paules-Bronet
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Every year, just before Halloween, people make last-minute changes to their costumes, buy the biggest bags of candy, and trick-or-treaters gear up to hit the streets.

For those who have been planning their costumes for a while, the days leading up to the spooky holiday are busy ones, full of crafting, sewing, and painting.

One mom, Aimee Boyle Mcilroy, brought her son along with her to Home Depot to pick up supplies for his police car costume.

When they arrived at the store, Aimee asked to see the manager so she could pick up a refrigerator box they were holding for her.

Valerie, the manager, approached them to offer help, and she truly went above and beyond her duties.

Aimee’s son is in a wheelchair, so they wanted to turn it into an incredible costume — and Valerie knew exactly how to help out.

Read Aimee’s account of what happened below!

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lwm aimee

Aimee shared her story on the Facebook page Love What Matters, where it quickly got a lot of attention.

Within four days, the post had over 19,000 reactions and over 2,100 shares.

aimee son

Aimee wrote:

I’d like to send a huge shout out to Valerie, a manager at Home Depot.

I came in tonight to pick up a refrigerator box that she was holding for me. We’re using the box to make my son’s wheelchair into a police car for Halloween.

valerie home depot

I first knew Valerie was awesome when she got down on the floor to cut the box down for me.

She had beautiful nails and I told her that they weren’t meant for a box cutter; and she said that her vest meant that she was made for whatever I needed! After getting the box loaded, Valerie helped us brainstorm and find the other items we would need.

valerie smiling

We trekked all over that store with our Creative Genius.

Then, she took us to the checkout and PAID FOR EVERYTHING HERSELF! I tried to refuse, but she just said that it would bless her greatly.

amy with son

My son may not have understood anything other than she was kind and patient with him, but this special needs mama really, really appreciated this huge act of kindness.

The biggest blessing for me was the way she treated my son and the way he responded to her.

police car costume
Aimee Boyle Mcilroy

Thanks to Valerie, Home Depot is also now bringing their Saturday kit workshops into my son’s school.

There are 2 special needs classrooms in his school and they’re bringing enough kits for both classes. 

aimee family

They’re going to pre-make the kits and then have a little mini workshop in Jack’s classroom.

This way, our special kiddos can participate in an accessible and sensory friendly environment! 

children aimee

Valerie said it had been on her heart the last couple of months to get more special needs kids into the workshops and after I chatted about why it was so difficult, she said, ‘Well, then we’ll just bring the workshop to you!’

aimee comment

I think one of the most important things that special needs parents need to understand is that it’s OK to let other people in.

Sometimes it’s hard to accept help; but when you do refuse help, you stand in the way of letting other people bless you and in turn that blesses them. 

comments lwm

The relationship that has come out of this experience has been one of the best blessings! Thank you, Valerie, so much!!

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