11 Home Chef-Approved Gifts For Father’s Day

by Karen Belz
Karen Belz has written for sites such as Bustle, HelloGiggles, Romper, and So Yummy. She's the mom of a sassy toddler and drinks an alarming amount of Sugar-Free Red Bull in order to keep up with her.

In my home, I take care of breakfast and lunch. Dinner is on my husband. Unlike me, he’s really into fancy kitchen gadgets and learning how to cook food in innovative ways.

Without him, I never would have learned what “sous vide” is. I would have also had a lot more space in our kitchen cabinets, but I digress.

Both of our cooking methods work in terms of having a kid. I’m the person who can easily and quickly whip up a peanut butter and jelly sandwich to give to our daughter for lunch, but he’s the one who can expose her to new foods during dinner. He’s also taught me a lot. Who knew there were better methods to cook the foods I loved?

Thanks to having a husband who’s handy in the kitchen, our daughter also desires the opportunity to help out. So that means that her childhood will be packed with kitchen equipment knowledge that I never had. It also means that new gadgets and equipment make for excellent Father’s Day gifts each year. One day, the two of them can experience cooking with them together. Or maybe they’ll end up in her own kitchen someday.

These 11 Father’s Day gifts are ideal for the home chef in your life. A happy kitchen helps make a happy family.

Spice Rack

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If you’re like us, you have about 40 spices shoved in a drawer. Many are likely multiples, and it’s possible a bunch aren’t as fresh as they could be. Start from scratch with this beautiful spice rack that contains all of the standards.

Shop Now: 16 Jar Spice Jar & Rack Set ($63.99, Wayfair)

Griddle/Grill Cleaning Kit

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It’s pretty convenient that Father’s Day falls right in the middle of grill season. He’ll always appreciate grill accessories, especially if they’re the type to keep his grill clean and safe. This eight-piece kit from Blackstone should be an immediate hit.

Shop Now: Blackstone 8-Piece Griddle/Grill Cleaning Kit ($19.97, Walmart)

Digital Slow Cooker

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Cooking soups and stews will be a breeze with this Black & Decker digital slow cooker. This is a great gift for the busy chef, since it’ll also save him a bunch of time that he can then spend with the family.

Shop Now: Black & Decker Digital Slow Cooker ($59.96, Amazon)

Barbecue Blends

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This rub and sauce kit from Uncommon Goods might help the father in your life have a more flavorful summer. These are handmade in Pennsylvania and very fun to experiment with. Sometimes, all you need is a new rub to completely revamp your dinner.

Shop Now: BBQ Blends Rub & Sauce Kit ($38, Uncommon Goods)

Whiskey Glasses

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If your home chef likes to have a stiff drink after dinner, you might want to surprise him with this set of 12 whiskey glasses. Of course, you can put all types of drinks in here if need be. If he abstains from alcohol, a soda will look just as cool poured into a glass like this.

Shop Now: Libbey Whiskey Glass Set ($30.99, Wayfair)

Bread Warming Blanket

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Has the father in your life been making homemade bread like the rest of us? If so, he won’t even know he wants a bread warming blanket for Father’s Day. This blanket keeps bread fresh for longer, serving an incredibly important purpose for the carb fans among us.

Shop Now: Bread Warming Blanket ($30, Uncommon Goods)

In-Drawer Bamboo Knife Block


Every home chef knows that knives are one of the most important tools to have in the kitchen. You’ll always want to keep them safe and secure. This in-drawer storage system holds up to 16.

Shop Now: In-Drawer Bamboo Knife Block ($34.82, Amazon)

Butter Churner

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It may seem a little old fashioned at first glance, but butter is actually pretty easy to make at home. And when you start, you may never go back to the store-bought kind. If your guy is all about DIY in the kitchen, this butter churner will make for an excellent gift.

Shop Now: Butter Churner ($39, Uncommon Goods)

Knife Roll Bag

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A knife roll bag is also an excellent way to safely store your knives, and it may be a better option based on the amount of space in your kitchen. This one includes space for 14 knives and also has space for a meat cleaver, which will help your home chef feel more organized.

Shop Now: Knife Roll Bag ($25.82, Amazon)

Cold Beer Coats


Are these necessary? Of course not. But if your guy is into IPAs and fancy beer (and just uses the cheaper kind to cook with), he may get a laugh out of these fancy little cozies, perfect for after a barbecue. Everyone needs a good laugh right now, and these will do the trick.

Shop Now: Cold Beer Coats ($15, Uncommon Goods)



Portable Pizza Oven

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This incredible restaurant-grade pizza oven will be your husband’s pride and joy, and it recently dropped from around $700 to $499. This may sound pricey, but think about all the money you’ll save on ordering delivery. Making pizza dough from scratch or buying it from the grocery store is mega-cheap. The whole family can use it as a bonding activity to foster a love of cooking!

Shop Now: Roccbox Portable Pizza Oven, (Gozney, $499)

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