He Thinks Entire Family Died In Holocaust Until Man Who Resembles Him Enters The Nursing Home

by Amy Paige
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At the age of 102, Holocaust survivor Eliahu Pietruszka lived the majority of his life thinking his entire family was killed at the horrific camps of WWII.

Eliahu was one of the lucky survivors who managed to flee Poland when the war began. He was 24 years old and forced to leave behind his family, including his younger brother Volf.

For years, Eliahu believed his brother died at the camps… but he didn’t.

In 2017, Eliahu’s grandson was digging through records of Holocaust victims when he found some unbelievable information about Eliahu’s brother Volf. Volf had, in fact, survived the Holocaust — and he was under the impression that Eliahu had died in the camps.

Volf had quietly settled into a new life in the rural mountains of Russia and became a construction worker.

Volf passed away in 2011, but there was something (or someone) else Eliahu was about to discover… 70 years after his family was ripped away from him.

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