Artist Colorizes Never-Before-Seen Portraits Of Hollywood Icons And Brings Them To Life

by Mauricio Castillo
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Many of Hollywood’s iconic stars of the screen from the early 1900s were forever immortalized in their films and in photographs. Unfortunately, not many people nowadays are able to get the chance to see what they would look like in color.

Until now.

Thanks to colorist Matt Loughrey of Westport, Ireland, many of our favorite Hollywood stars are being reborn in full, vibrant color.

“These are the chorus, cabaret, screen, and stage icons of an era long gone, brought to life using technology and patience,” Matt said.

The images you’re about to see are all photographs that were previously just in shades of black, white, and gray.

But no more.

“I want people, especially the younger audience, to see history in a new light. It is arguable that color engages the brain far better than monochrome while at the same time bringing the past closer to us.”

You’ll see icons like Marilyn Monroe and Grace Kelly, but also some names you may not have heard of before!

Scroll down to see the masterpieces brought to life!

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Thumbnail Photo: Facebook/My Colorful Past

Celeb 1

Irish colorist Matt Loughrey took it upon himself to bring photos of iconic Hollywood figures to life, and if you’re talking Hollywood icons, you have to include Marilyn Monroe!

Celeb 2

This is a stunning colorization of a photo of Vivien Leigh, who we all know as the star of Gone with the Wind and A Streetcar Named Desire.

Celeb 3

Matt opted to leave Marilyn’s friend in monochrome for this photo!

Celeb 4

This iconic photo of Grace Kelly looking a bit nervous at the Academy Awards in 1955 showed off the vibrant green of her dress otherwise not seen in the original image.

Here’s another photo of Marilyn where Matt once again left the actress’ surroundings — this time Manhattan — in black and white.

Celeb 6

Frances Victoria Schenk, known as Frances Day, was one of the most famous dancers in New York in the early 1900s. The colorization of this photo really showed the vibrancy the dancer reflected in her acts.

This portrait of actress Genevieve Lyon was taken in 1914, a few years before she died.

Celeb 8

Evelyn Nesbit was born in 1884, and is considered one of the first supermodels in America.

Celeb 9

It isn’t just actresses and models, either — the artist revitalized images of iconic figures in general, including this amazing portrait of scientist and pioneer Margaret Hamilton.

Celeb 10

This stunning photo of Marilyn Monroe in color while her surroundings remain in shadow is a testament to Matt Loughrey’s skill!

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