Doctors Keep Telling Young Mom Her Unborn Baby Died So She Goes On Mission To Prove Them Wrong

by June Rivers
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In 2012, Holly Lewis was a 21-year-old single mom experiencing stomach pains and backache. When her symptoms persisted, the UK woman sought the advice of an out-of-hours doctor service.

Holly was told she probably had a mild gastric problem.

But the pain only worsened. She rushed herself to the Birmingham Women’s Hospital, and that’s where she got the shock of a lifetime.

Doctors told Holly she’d actually been in the early stages of pregnancy — but had miscarried. Holly went home that day with a strong premonition that her baby was still alive.

“I already have another little girl, and my earlier pregnancy meant I had an instinct I was still carrying Lacey,” she said.

One week later, Holly returned to the same medical office. Again, doctors said her baby died due to an ectopic pregnancy. She discharged herself, still convinced they were wrong.

Holly ended up at the hospital a third time — and this time, she didn’t know whether to feel pure joy or utter outrage, especially upon hearing a statement from the hospital: “It is not always possible to detect a pregnancy on scanning in the very early stages, and so we cannot rely on this as a definite diagnosis.”

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