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Couple Can’t Find Lost Dog On Mountain Til They Finally Hear Her Whining Above Them The Next Day

by Mauricio Castillo
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A newly engaged couple suffered an unexpected fright when their beloved rescue dog, Holly, went missing on Table Mountain in Cape Town, South Africa.

According to News24, Holly’s owners, Michelle Hoch and Josh Hayman, decided to go on a hike with their dog and enjoy the environment as a way to mark the start of the year and their upcoming marriage.

“We weren’t expecting to see so many dassies (wild rats), and Holly just broke free,” Michelle said to News24. Upon seeing all the rodents, the dog broke free of her leash and dashed away into the wilderness.

But she didn’t return. No matter how loudly they called for her, the dog was nowhere in sight. Michelle and Josh searched all day and night, even squeezing her favorite toy, hoping it might coax her out.

No matter what they tried, it seemed as though Holly was lost. The next morning though, they heard the dog’s familiar whining coming from higher up the mountain.

They looked up and saw Holly perched on a ledge, staring down at them. The ledge was about three stories higher than where Josh and Michelle stood, according to News24.

A huge rescue operation to save the dog began, and 31 hours after she went missing, a vet had given Holly a clean bill of health.

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