She Looks Like An Ordinary Young Woman, But From The Waist Down She Dresses Like It’s The 1950s

by Emerald Pellot
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Holly Foster is a 22-year-old from the United Kingdom who chooses to dress differently than other women her age. Adorning herself in 1950s vintage attire, Holly prefers a more modest look.

“I think if girls dressed more demurely they would find they would be treated more as adults particularly and treated like ladies,” Holly told Barcroft TV. “If you compare a modern-day woman with a vintage 1950s lady, the difference is just that: she’s a lady.”

Holly believes that dressing more “ladylike” will result in more “respect.”

“If you dress like a lady you will be treated like a lady. A short skirt or perhaps more a see-through top, may attract unwanted attention,” she said. “You walk into a room all the guys are looking at you, just up and down like you’re a piece of meat and I think if girls had longer skirts they would feel more confident and safe.”

Holly began changing her style when she was 17 years old. Raised by her grandparents in her formative years, she watched a ton of old movies. Eventually she joined a musical theater group and made the big change.

She believes that focusing on clothes and designs, rather than the shape and size of the bodies that wear them, is much healthier for girls and women.

“What is really interesting is when you look at vintage magazines, the 1950s really embraces all shapes and sizes because young women were told how to dress for their shape,” she said. “Young people would concentrate on wanting to look nice rather than being as thin as possible. It would be about the clothes and not about the size of them.”

Holly has friends who don’t dress in her style, but she doesn’t mind. Her friends in the vintage community are her support system.

“I think I love the vintage community because it embraces more than just wardrobe; everyone is very respectful and well mannered. It has old-fashioned values which have been lost in our society today,” she said.

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