After Adopting 2 Girls, Couple Wakes Up To Find Hate Graffiti Spray-Painted All Over Their House

by Amy Paige
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“We live in a small town in Central Illinois and woke one morning in April 2011 to find our home and cars had been spray-painted,” says mom Anne Hollis.

Hate graffiti was strewn across their property.

The family had been attacked because her two adopted daughters from Ukraine, Meg and Alina, both have Down syndrome. Anne says it was the day that changed her life forever.

Instead of remaining quiet about it, Anne’s two sons said they wanted to make a video, to “speak up for our sisters.”

The Hollis Boys, ages 6 and 7, asked Mom and Dad if they would help them, and they happily obliged. In 2012, they put out a call to the public to help put an end to using hateful language which should have no place in our vocabulary.

The inclusiveness initiative Everyone Matters saw the boys’ video, and wanted to feature it for their global following. They asked the boys if they minded a little tweaking – like adding an intro to set up the story, changing the original hard-rock score for something more emotionally compelling, and quickening the pace to add urgency to the story.

The result is a beautiful video that took the world by storm — but it’s such a shame this family had to take action because of these hurtful, hateful words.

It’s clear these two amazing little boys care so greatly about their sisters! I couldn’t help but tear up watching the heartache in the eyes of the younger son on the right.

Let’s help these two brothers spread the word about acceptance.

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Video Credit: Everyone Matters

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