Hoarding Mom Loses It When She’s Forced To Confront Her Crippling Obsession And Empty Out Home

by Jess Butler
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Sharyn Dorfman was known as a hoarding mom. Her entire home was stuffed with her family’s belongings and she refused to throw anything away. It was as if every single item had its own permanent place within the family’s 4 walls.

Then, a professional organizer named Peter Walsh and his team cleaned and decluttered Sharyn’s 3,000-square-foot home. Of course, that meant removing all of the hoarding mom’s belongings, which he moved over to a warehouse.

Once he gave Sharyn and her family a final look at the clutter that flooded their home, the sweet woman lost it. She couldn’t believe what her hoarding obsession accumulated to.

In the video below, from November 16, 2007, Sharyn says, “No one will believe that this came out of one house.”

Sharyn sobs at the sight of her hoarded possessions and she nearly has a panic attack on camera. Luckily, Peter and her family are there for her.

Peter tells her, “You now have a choice: This or this.”

He points to the giant mess in the warehouse, then to her family.

In the end, she chooses her family and thanks all of them for sticking by her side, even in her darkest hours.

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