15 Gorgeous Historic Homes That Are On Sale In The United States For Under $400,000

by Stephanie Kaloi

Historic homes always seem to have an air of magic, don’t they? There’s something so cool about being able to physically exist in a space that is hundreds of years old.

Think of all the people who have moved through the same space. It’s wild!

Whether or not you’re actually in the market for a historic home of your own, it’s really fun to look through listings and talk about what you like. These 15 historic homes can be found in states as far-flung as Montana and Florida, and there’s truly something for everyone who loves to window-shop for homes here. If you’re into pink homes, there are at least two! If you’re into Victorian-style homes, there are so many.

Some of the homes have been fully updated, and some still completely retain their old-school charm. So whatever your style of choice is, buckle up: We’re going house hunting. Together!

Center Tuftonboro, New Hampshire: $339,000

This is the home for all you snow bunnies, that mystery breed of human who loves nothing more than to be freezing cold out in all the elements. It’s also a pretty adorable farmhouse, with four bedrooms, two bathrooms, and 2,148 square feet in total. If you buy it, please send photos of whatever you do with the room with the sliding glass doors, because that’s my favorite.

Butte, Montana: $175,000

My husband’s dream life includes living in Montana, but I’m always like … what would we do there? Well, it turns out that if “things we would do while living in Montana” included living in this pink house, I might be more on board. I truly would not change a thing — well, except for those neon green walls in the kitchen. Those have to go.

Freehold Township, New Jersey: $399,000

This three-bedroom, two-bathroom, 1,824-square-foot dreamboat of a home is the definition of “charming.” Granted, I am a sucker for stained glass windows and even coordinating front doors and shutters (in purple!), so I might be an easy target. That bright pink room is kind of … a lot … but the rest of the house is incredible.

Genoa, Illinois: $229,900

If you’re looking for four bedrooms and three bathrooms in Illinois, boy, are you in luck! This house is pretty interesting because the exterior and the interior are kind of totally different, but since a lot of people are into vintage that looks modern and vice versa, I’m sure there’s a market for it.

Roanoke, Virginia: $145,000

Listen, I’m not very interested in living in Roanoke, Virginia, but I’m not uninterested in it, either. I almost sent a link to this home’s listing to my husband, because this home is just … all the things. It’s blue! It has stained glass windows! That porch! The yard! You know?

Louisville, Kentucky: $380,000

Hello, Kentucky! I am actually a fan of Louisville, though I have not visited since I was a small child, and it’s possible that my impressions of the city are colored by the magical lenses that only children wear. I am in love with absolutely everything that is happening in the light blue room in this home, though, and I would buy it if they’d let me keep it all.

Petersburg, Virginia: $225,000

Virginia again! This house has been split into a duplex, and apparently “needs work to restore this duplex back to its former glory,” according to the post on Instagram. I have a feeling that somewhere among us, there’s a person or people who are up to task. Those floors! The stairs! It’s a dream. Like, a work-in-progress dream.

Roxbury, Vermont: $255,000

This house in Vermont is the most Americana thing I have seen in a while. And I say this with a true love of Americana. It’s the type of house that I think Steve Rogers/Captain America might choose to settle down in, perhaps with Peggy Carter, waving their red, white, and blue flags, slow-dancing into the night. But truly, this house is adorable and even comes with its own tiny cabin out back, which is perfect for your kids or your in-laws or your Airbnb.

Brodhead, Wisconsin: $299,900

This five-bedroom, four-bathroom house in Wisconsin is exactly what you want to buy if your interests include murder mystery parties. I know, I know, but I’m serious. Look at that wallpaper! Those stairs! There are so many places you could hide a body. Happy hunting!

Soldiers Grove, Wisconsin: $299,900

This house has six bedrooms and six bathrooms, which is really cool because that means everyone can have their OWN bathroom. Or! An entire community could live there together. So whether you’re into starting your own commune or not, this house is pretty cool. If you lived there alone, you could sleep in a different room almost each night of the week.

Lake Butler, Florida: $399,900

Curiously, this blue home in Florida has five bedrooms and SIX bathrooms. What is that extra bathroom for?

Also, this house is pretty special because it’s a Victorian, New England-style home in … Florida. I’m not sure that I would pair the two, but I’m not sure that I wouldn’t.

Whitney, Texas: $249,000

Let’s take a minute to talk about the library in this four-bedroom, four-bathroom home in Texas. The library, with its red walls and pinkish rug, is something to behold. While I’m not sure you’d get to keep all the furnishings if you bought it, you’d definitely get that wallpaper, and that’s already worth the price tag.

Saranac Lake, New York: $160,000

Have you ever seen that Arlo Guthrie movie Alice’s Restaurant? That’s kind of, sort of exactly what this house is. Also! It’s only $160,000, which makes it affordable-ish. Plus! It comes with its own frozen pond. If you could find a river, you could skate away.

Ligonier, Indiana: $280,000

Oh, you guys! This pink castle house is my new dream home. Unfortunately, I don’t know much about Ligonier, Indiana. Or Indiana in general. Well, I guess that there’s no time like the present to learn. I mean, look at that porch! I can’t even.

Danville, Kentucky: $325,000

I really enjoy this home, but I’m a little curious about it because it genuinely feels like each room belongs in its own separate house. I’m not sure there’s a lot of cohesion here, but if you’re into that, this house is a dream come true. Plus, you can always paint it.