14-Year-Old Girl Combines Ballet And Hip-Hop Into One Unforgettable Routine

IMG_2204 Angela Cook

Dance routines can either be a hit or miss, especially when you’re pairing a genre with a style of dance it wasn’t really intended for.

I didn’t think hip-hop and ballet could pair as easily as they do until I saw the impressively choreographed clip below. This dance proves that you’re more than allowed to blend any genre or style of dance together and have it be an amazing performance.

In this video, Annika Verplancke is 14 years old and performing a routine that is hard to look away from. Young Verplancke performed in the Youth America Grand Prix 2015 European Semifinals that took place in Paris, France.

From the moment it started, I was transfixed by the use of pauses and graceful elements.

The routine itself was as if ballet and hip-hop were battling one another. But who won? I’m not quite sure because this dance proves that they rather get along harmoniously.

Verplancke’s outfit represented this battle perfectly, being that half of her outfit was designed to look like a tutu, while the other half was full-on black attire.

Her unique performance reminded me of this brilliant dance made to celebrate 40 years of “Bohemian Rhapsody.”

It’s pretty amazing how many possibilities there are when it comes to dance. This hip-hop versus ballet routine shows that any theme can work with dedication and enough hard work.

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