Mom Put Baby Up For Adoption And 31 Years Later She Learns The Truth About The Couple Next Door

by Amy Paige
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Hillary Harris of Eau Claire, Wisconsin, was adopted as a baby. As the years passed, she began searching for her biological family, but there was always one person who remained a complete mystery: her half sister.

Her adoption files stated she and her half sister shared the same birth father, who had passed away.

For seven years, Hillary tried everything she could to learn more about this long-lost sister, but nothing seemed to lead her to the right answers.

One day, Hillary — who lives with her husband and their 7-year-old daughter — noticed a couple moving in next door. All Hillary knew was that the woman’s first name was Dawn and that she looked to be in her 50s.

Though the neighbors shared a driveway, they didn’t really take the time to get to know one another. The couples would see each other on their lawns and exchange a quick hello, but Hillary was too much of an introvert to make friendly conversation.

Hillary observed but kept her distance as Dawn and her partner Kurt worked on fixing up their new house. Two months later, Dawn and Kurt received a massive delivery of roof shingles for their roof — and Hillary happened to notice the last name printed on the package sitting in their shared driveway.

Nothing prepared Hillary for what this “clue” would soon uncover.

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