Highway Patrol Officer Revives Baby Who Isn’t Breathing After He’s Born On The Side Of The Road

by Angela Andaloro

Babies don’t always wait to be born when you’re ready for them. A California Highway Patrol officer is being regarded as a hero for helping one family who was learning that lesson the hard way.

Baby Ezekiel’s parents were on their way to the hospital when mom Tiffana Lemaster’s labor intensified.

The parents-to-be were hopeful that they would make it to the hospital in time, but quickly realized that wouldn’t be the case. Officer Philip Dibene arrived at the scene just as Ezekiel was being born. Tiffana was able to give birth to the little boy, but they quickly realized there was a problem. As dad Calvin Thompson passed the newborn to his mother, the couple realized their baby wasn’t breathing.

They quickly handed him over to the officer.

“I turned baby over. Baby was not breathing. Baby wasn’t hardly moving too much,” Officer Philip explained to KTXL. “In my mind, I’m praying, ‘God, make this a good outcome for this baby, for this family.'” Philip, a father of four, recalled all his training for a situation like this years ago and got to work.

“Kinda tap on the baby’s back gently but firmly,” he recalled. “And after a few moments of that, couldn’t tell you exactly how long, the baby spit out whatever was in its mouth and started to cry and move and flail his little arms.”

Thankfully, Ezekiel is OK and has gotten to meet the man who saved his life. For everyone involved, it felt like a case of being in the right place at the right time. Watch the video to see the adorable baby boy interact with the CHP officer who saved his life!

Footage provided by KTXL Sacramento

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