High School Sweethearts Fall Out Of Touch, But 5 Decades Later They Find Each Other Online

by Angela Andaloro

When it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be. That’s what a couple of high school sweethearts from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, learned when they found their way back to each other after falling out of contact for more than 50 years.

Barbara Cotton and Curtis Brewer were deeply in love while in high school together. They attended the junior and senior proms together. Life had other plans for the two, however. Curtis went off to college, leaving Barbara back at home. They never broke up, but when Barbara’s mother died, she had to put family first. Her focus shifted to raising her five brothers. Time passed, and Barbara and Curtis fell out of touch.

The two reconnected after finding each other on

Barbara reached out to Curtis, who quickly replied. It wasn’t long before they rekindled their romance. After dating long-distance for a few years, Curtis called Barbara up with a special question. He barely got the question out before Barbara said yes.

The couple celebrated their union with a beautiful wedding ceremony on January 5, 2019. Around 57 years after they first professed their love, they finally made it official. The couple plans to travel across the country in an RV together as they start their next chapter together. There’s even a GoFundMe to help them get their RV!

Check out the video to hear Curtis and Barbara discuss their beautiful story in their own words.

Footage provided by WITI Milwaukee

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