Airman Brother Surprises Teen At Graduation, Then She Screams At Him During The Ceremony

by Tasina Berkey
Tasina has worked in radio broadcasting and online blogging. She enjoys long walks on the beach.

A high school graduation combines nostalgia, nerves, excitement, and, of course, family.

For one high school senior, however, the only thing she wanted on her graduation day was to have her brother at the ceremony.

Unfortunately, the teenager learned that her airman brother wouldn’t be able to make it. When she heard this originally, she was beyond upset.

However, after her mom realized how sad her daughter would be not to have her brother at the ceremony, the mom went into action and planned a reunion in secret.

The mother said online: “When my daughter found out that he wouldn’t be home for her high school graduation she was crushed. So I got with my son and we planned this surprise for her. I honestly didn’t think we would be able to pull it off because every obstacle that could’ve happened, did.”

Well the surprise definitely worked — the unsuspecting teenager can be seen crying tears of joy and embracing her newly home big brother in the video below.

The best part has to be everyone telling her not to cry so she doesn’t mess up her makeup!

This surely was an amazing day for the graduate and her brother. With her brother in tow, I can imagine the after-party must have been beyond fun!

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