Mom Wants To Make A Splash At 39-Year High School Reunion So Doctor Agrees To Plastic Surgery

by Amy Paige
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Donarae Dunwoody, 57, wanted to make a splash at her 39-year reunion… by looking like she did back in high school.

The mother of three from Southern California wanted a reunion makeover that would leave her Pacific High School classmates absolutely stunned. After meeting with a plastic surgeon, they came up with a plan. She specifically wanted to get rid of her jowls and tighten up the skin on and around her face.

During the eight-hour surgery, Donarae underwent five different cosmetic procedures, including a liposuction around her neck, face lift, lip injections, and some work on the bags under her eyes.

Five weeks later, it was time for the big reunion. Though she said the surgery couldn’t have gone any better and was very pleased with the results, Donarae was so nervous. But the second she walked through the doors of the party, her former classmates gave her the validation she was hoping for.

“She looks like 30 years younger,” one former classmate told Inside Edition. “I’m blown away.”

In the video below, see Donarae’s transformation.

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