Female High School Football Player Becomes First To Throw A Touchdown In Virginia History

by Paul Morris
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For everyone who has ever said that girls can’t play sports: Please say hello to Cynthia Brown. She’s a high school senior at the legendary Wilson High School which has a pretty impressive athletics history.

Just like the famous commercial that told young girls to be confident in their talents, Brown has always been treated with the respect she deserves by her male teammates. Normally playing as the team’s kicker, this young athlete was asked by her coaches if she was comfortable participating in a trick play.

It was the forth down, the team was trailing by 14 and they needed a miracle to stay in the game. Brown caught the ball, set up to punt, and instead lobbed the ball up toward the team’s star wide receiver Kevin Whitfield.

The pass was a bit short, but Whitfield managed to pull the football in, and working his magic evaded several tackles on his way to an exciting 52 yard rush to the end zone. Both Brown and Whitfield remain humble, and both try to say it’s simply due to the other’s hard work that the play was successful. But one thing is in the books: Cynthia Brown is the first female to throw for a touchdown in Virginia’s varsity football history.

Brown is going to college next year on a full soccer scholarship where we’re sure she’ll continue to do some more amazing things!

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