Disguise Any Household Eyesore With These Clever Tricks

by Cassandra Lewis
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Cassandra is the Senior Editor of Original Content. She loves sweet tea, binge-watching Antiques Roadshow, and petting puppies.

When it comes to housekeeping, I’m a firm believer in the expression, “Cleanliness is next to Godliness.” Whether it be my desk, my bedroom, or my kitchen cabinets, in order to function, it’s order I need!

But it’s not just clutter or chaos that makes me flustered. An ugly eyesore or clunky space-eater is enough to send my stress levels through the roof. Call me persnickety, but I need my home to be both pretty and practical.

That’s why I was so excited to find these nifty tricks for camouflaging ugly household sights! For years I’ve struggled with ugly wire shelves, nasty ceiling lights, and tangled computer cables — but thanks to these amazing tips, my home will finally be up to my standards!

Do you have any special tips for hiding eyesores around your home? Will you be using any of these tricks below? Let us know in the comments — and please SHARE!

1. Pantry Shelves

how to hide ugly stuff

With just a few pieces of foam board and some contact paper, you can transform ugly wire shelves into a beautiful storage space. This is also a great way to prevent small items from slipping through the cracks. Throw in a few cute bins, and you’ll have an adorable and functional pantry or closet.

2. Alarm Panel or Thermostat

how to hide ugly stuff

Security alarms and thermostats are pretty essential, but they can be real eyesores. However, instead of pretending they’re not there, why not integrate them into your decor? Hang a cute frame around the panel to add a touch of cuteness to your wall.

3. Messy Cables

how to hide ugly stuff

We all know how messy computer desks and entertainment centers can get — but with just a few hooks, you can solve that problem in a jiffy. Just attach some adhesive plastic hooks or binder clips to the back of your desk, bundle up the cords, and hang them neatly. No more tangled mess or trapped dust bunnies!

4. AC Units

hide stuff

Air conditioning is great — but it unfortunately requires massive (and very unattractive) outdoor units. But with just a few old pallets and some plants, your unit will blend in perfectly with your yard! You can also use shutters, privacy screens, or lattice to disguise your yucky units.

5. Circuit Breaker Box

how to hide ugly stuff

Every house needs a circuit breaker box — but does it have to be visible all the time? No! With the help of some hinges and a shutter or canvas print, that ugly metal box will be visible no longer — while remaining accessible. Isn’t this a great idea?

6. Routers or Modems

how to hide ugly stuff

Since most houses have Wi-Fi now, routers and modems are unfortunately a household necessity. However, they can be terribly unattractive. That’s why it’s such a great idea to conceal them with an old book cover or a pretty box. They’ll still be able to send their signal while not detracting from your home’s decor.

7. Toilet Brushes and Plungers

how to hide ugly stuff

Though we don’t like to talk about it, plungers and toilet brushes are definitely bathroom staples — but that doesn’t mean they have to be so visible! To keep them hidden from sight, while still accessible for use, place them in a cute jar, vase, or pitcher. It’ll look like part of your decor, rather than an uncomfortable powder room utility.

8. Dog and Cat Food

8. Dog and Cat Food

We love our furry friends — but their bags of food can be ugly and cumbersome. However, with just a lined trash can and a laundry basket, their dinner no longer has to cause you distress! Keep the scoop inside the trash can for easy access, and you’ll be ready to go!

9. Electric Meters

9. Electric Meters

Like an outdoor AC unit, the electric meter is an essential part of a modern, functional home — but they don’t make for a very pretty sight. But luckily, they can remain accessible while not causing a huge distraction. Just find the right paint shade and give it a coat.

10. Litter Boxes

how to hide ugly stuff

Cats bring a lot into a home: warmth, friendship, entertainment… But unfortunately, they also bring litter boxes. However, their little powder rooms don’t have to consume your home! To conceal their potties from sight, just cut a hole into the side of an old end table and slip their box inside. You and your cat will enjoy the privacy.

11. Dog Crates

11. Dog Crates

Crate training is great for dogs — but, unfortunately, their crates aren’t great for humans. But with an open side table and a simple sheet, your dog can feel comfortable and secure in his crate — while you feel at ease in a decorative, organized, and tidy space.

12. Ceiling Lights

how to hide ugly stuff

If you’re stuck with an unattractive ceiling light, an oversized lampshade can help! Not only will it disguise an ugly globe, but it will help to cast a warm glow on your room. It can also add some flair to an otherwise humdrum ceiling.

What do you think about these tips? Will you be using any? Let us know below!

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