Hidden Rainbow Dye: The Beautifully Sneaky Hairstyle With A Dash Of Color

by Jess Catcher
Jess grew up in Oklahoma before moving to New York to become a writer. She has a cat named Agnes.

The week before my best friend’s wedding, I did something I had been dreaming about since I was 15: I dyed my hair a vibrant, bright shade of purple.

My best friend didn’t mind, of course. My mom, on the other hand, would only admit the color was pretty… but not for hair. I recently ditched it for a darker shade of brown, but I’m still glad I finally made the plunge!

Experimenting with hair colors is one of the most fun things a person can do. The options are practically limitless, depending on how much you’re willing to alter your natural look. You can try some subtle, ethereal mermaid-inspired tresses, or go all in for some awesome neon action!

As my dad used stay, quoting the Bible of course, a woman’s hair is her crown of glory: so make your crown look as fabulous as you want! That might not be what my dad meant, but I certainly believe it.

After spotting this new trend, I’m definitely think about giving my hairdresser a call. It’s sort of a mixture of the two examples above, both subtle and dazzling at the same time. The trick is hiding the rainbow colors in between two layers of your hair to add a sneaky dash of excitement to your locks. I’ve thought about doing this with just one color, but seeing the old ROYGBIV on display on these ladies, I’m totally inspired to mix it up a little more!

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