Grieving Parents Hide Camera In Cemetery, Confront Person Who’s Been Stealing From Son’s Grave

by Amy Paige
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Jacob and Tashanna Armstrong’s son, McKade, died at birth.

The grieving couple visits McKade’s grave in Oklahoma as often as they possibly can.

To help cope with the tragedy, they began placing sentimental items like colorful pinwheels and small toys — things they know McKade would love and appreciate — at his gravesite.

It wasn’t long before Jacob and Tashanna started to notice McKade’s graveside trinkets were disappearing, one by one. It became clear that someone was coming by to pluck them from the baby’s gravesite and walking off with them.

“This pinwheel doesn’t mean a whole lot to the next person, but it does mean a lot to the person who placed it there,” Tashanna told Inside Edition.

Unwilling to let the heartless thievery go unpunished, Jacob carefully placed a hidden camera in the bushes of the cemetery just a few feet from his son’s grave. He was determined to catch the vandal in the act — and lo and behold, it worked. Now all he had to do was identify the suspect and bring him to justice.

Jacob gave the hidden camera footage to Deputy Chief James Logsdon, who was more than happy to solve the case. It was one that’s particularly close to his heart as his sister also died at birth and is actually buried right near McKade.

Now it was time for the heartbroken parents to confront the man in question …

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