Heroic Pit Bull Who Saved Her Owner Helps To Find Other Rescues Forever Homes

by Rebecca Endicott
Becca is a writer and aspirational dog owner living in NYC.

Most dogs that I know have a few things in common. They’re loyal, they’re incredibly affectionate, and they’re pretty darn silly.

But, in my experience, even the goofiest pups are noble and valiant deep down, especially where their favorite friends are concerned. As we saw with this brave Yorkie who saves his owner from a bear attack, dogs will do just about anything for the ones they love!

The same holds true for Lilly the pit bull. In fact, these days, she’s known in some circles as Lilly the Hero Pit Bull, and she earned her illustrious title after an act of incredible bravery and self-sacrifice.

She was adopted from a shelter back in 2009 by her dad, David, and his mom, Christine. Lilly and Christine were out on a walk one day along the railroad tracks, when Christine fainted and fell into the path of a freight train.

Lilly, frantic for her grandma’s safety, managed to pull her free, but was critically injured in the process, and lost her front-right leg. But, like her fellow brave pit bull Elijah, Lilly managed to pull through despite the odds.

Lilly’s family has parlayed her valiant act into an incredible organization that raises awareness about rescue pit bulls just like her, who are often abandoned, despite their deep-seated capacity for love and loyalty.

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