Heroes Find Blind Horse Trapped In Concrete Drain And Refuse To Stop Working Until She’s Safe

by Amy Paige
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A woman named Nittaya brought her five horses to graze in a field near her home in central Thailand.

Suddenly, one of her horses, a mare named Bod, slipped into a 5-foot-deep water hole with a broken drainage cover.

Bod is 16 years old and blind in her left eye, so she probably didn’t see the open drain until it was too late.

The owner tried desperately to free the horse herself, but Bod only fell deeper into the concrete drain. There was no way Nittaya, 50, would be able to save her horse on her own.

So she called a local rescue foundation and was met with a team of heroes who truly went above and beyond the call of duty.

The rescue crew needed to use a drill, sledgehammer, and excavator to smash the concrete surrounding Bod. Moreover, they did an incredible job keeping the frightened horse as calm and relaxed as possible during the stressful and exhausting process.

After three nightmarish hours digging out the drain, the rescuers used a harness to help Bod pull herself up and out of the hole.

Nittaya walked Bod home, vowing to keep a much better eye on her in the future. Without the help of these heroic men, Nittaya says the beautiful horse may not have survived.

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