Calf Rejected By Mother Is Frozen To Ground And Left To Die, But Retired Trucker Saves His Life

by Gwendolyn Plummer
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Hero the cow has been through more than his fair share of troubles in life.

When Hero was born, his mother rejected him. He was sold to someone who was willing to raise him via bottle feeding, but they were not prepared to deal with just how weak and ill Hero actually was.

When a few particularly cold nights hit, one after another, Hero was in for yet another unfortunate surprise. His back hooves froze to the ground, locking the poor calf in place.

In order to free Hero from his frostbite and the ground, there was only one option: Both his back legs had to be amputated.

Although Hero’s story seemed hopeless, a retired trucker, Kitty Martin, saw a future for him. She adopted Hero and took him home, hoping she could give this sad calf the life he deserved.

Kitty felt such a personal connection to Hero because her story is similar to his. Kitty said:

“I’m a child of neglect also, so it hit pretty near home. I had people fight for me growing up, and it made all the difference in the world. He needed someone to fight for him, and that’s what kept me in there swinging.”

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