Mama Rabbit Fends Snake Off, Protects Her Babies

by Emerald Pellot
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This footage is incredible! Between every parent and child, there’s a special bond — even if that mother isn’t exactly human.

Cameras captured the stunning moment a mother rabbit saw the unthinkable: A snake had squirmed into her nest of baby bunnies. It is no secret that snakes can be vicious predators, but what left viewers baffled was how righteously the mother cottontail stood up to the threat.

She leaped, seemingly out of nowhere, onto the snake. Then the mother diverted the perpetrator elsewhere. Even after the snake has gotten away, she chases after him! No one is messing with her babies.

According to National Geographic, this kind of behavior is natural to mother rabbits: “Mother rabbits are fiercely protective of their babies. Weak, slow, and helpless, their eyes don’t even open until almost a week after birth, making them an easy dinner for many predators: Weasels, rats, cats, and of course snakes, to name a few.”

Mother rabbits typically stay a few feet away from their nests so that they won’t lead predators to them. Instead, they hover a few feet away from their babies to keep a watchful eye. This mother got in right at the nick of time!

Warning: Images of animals wrestling may be disturbing to some viewers.

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