Hero Garbage Man Sees Burning Home, Kicks In Front Door To Save Elderly Couple Trapped Inside

by Amy Paige
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When Ceres Fire Chief Kevin Wise and his crew arrived at the scene of a house fire in Ceres, California, they saw a home that was completely engulfed in flames.

The front door had already been broken in, and so the firefighters ran inside to check if there was anyone they needed to save.

The elderly couple who lived there were, in fact, at home as the fire quickly spread throughout the interior. However, they had made it out alive — all because of a local garbage collector.

Patrick Lebow was working his garbage collection route when he spotted the burning home.

Watch the video below to see what happened after Patrick decided to risk his own life to save a couple of complete strangers.

He says he was simply in the right place at the right time, and that he is not a hero — but as you’re about to see, that’s exactly what he is.

Footage provided by KTXL Sacramento

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