Deputy Stops Car For Speeding, Unaware The Traffic Stop Will Save A 12-Day-Old Baby’s Life

by Amy Paige
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Deputy W. Kimbro was on patrol in Summerville, South Carolina, when he saw a speeding vehicle up ahead.

Little did he know he was about to save a precious new life.

As soon as he pulled over the vehicle, the driver jumped out of the car and started screaming, alerting him to the fact the 12-day-old baby girl in the backseat wasn’t breathing.

The baby was reportedly choking to death after drinking milk from a bottle.

Deputy Kimbro didn’t have time to think, so he had to act on instinct and professionalism. The baby’s body was already “limp and cyanotic” and turning blue, according to the Cherokee Tribune.

He quickly maneuvered the baby over to his mother’s lap in the passenger seat, checked her pulse, and began massaging the area around her heart.

With her breathing still scarily intermittent, Deputy Kimbro continued performing CPR — and the harrowing moment was captured on the deputy’s body camera.

He was desperate to hear the baby’s cries, which he knew would be a sign of hope. “Come on baby, cry for me, cry for me,” he pleaded.

Watch the video below to see the rescue in action … and why Deputy Kimbro has been awarded for his heroism.

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