8-Year-Old Boy Fights Back When Maniac Hits Mom And Tries To Steal His Baby Brother

by Emerald Pellot
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This heart-stopping 911 call from an 8-year-old boy was the tip that put a maniac behind bars. The little boy, his mother, and his 2-year-old baby brother were outside of his elementary school in Glendale, CA.

The maniac, an androgynous woman who the little boy mistook for a man, began to “sneak past” the stroller while the mother spoke to a friend.

“He said, ‘You have a beautiful kid,’ and tried to get the baby out of our hands,” the boy told the emergency dispatcher. “He was walking, sneaking past us and trying to get the baby out of our hands. And then, she hit my mom, and I said ‘let my brother go’ very strongly.”

The 8-year-old boy took his job as big brother very seriously.

He held his ground, even after seeing his mommy get attacked, then he pushed the maniac off of his brother. The woman quickly got away, but thanks to his call, police now have her in custody.

“We were guarding my little brother, so she couldn’t take him,” said the tough little guy. He was able to give police a perfect description. “He drives a small, gray car. It was a man, it looked like a lady. We weren’t sure. Her, his voice looked like a girl, but he looked like a man.”

What’s more chilling is that this was the woman’s second kidnapping of the day. A similar incident was reported only 20 minutes earlier. The creep was identified as 52-year-old Lisa Arnold, and security footage shows another attempted stroller kidnapping.

Arnold is now being charged with two counts of attempted kidnapping — thanks to one brave little boy.

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