All The Adorable Photos Of Jenna Bush And Henry Hager’s New Baby Boy, Henry Harold ‘Hal’ Hager

by Ileana Paules-Bronet
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Jenna Bush Hager and Henry Hager just welcomed their baby boy, Henry Harold “Hal” Hager, to the world.

Jenna gave birth to Hal on August 2, 2019. Hal joins older sisters Mila and Poppy to make the Hagers a happy family of five.

Jenna announced that she was pregnant with her third child on Today in April, when she was already five months along. At the same time, she announced that the baby would be a boy. Her family, friends, and coworkers were all thrilled for the expectant mama. Jenna’s family was excited to welcome a baby boy — he’s the first grandson in the Bush family.

The last few months of Jenna’s pregnancy flew by. She was busy with her two daughters and her work on the Today show. Jenna went on maternity leave on August 2, the same day she welcomed her baby boy!

Now that Hal has been around for a few days, Jenna and her family have shared some adorable pictures of him.

Henry Hager and Jenna Bush Hager announced that they were expecting their third child — and first son — on April 22, 2019. They were absolutely thrilled to be expanding their family again.

Jenna and Henry’s daughters, Mila and Poppy, couldn’t wait to get a baby brother. The rest of Jenna’s family was just as thrilled about the addition of a new little boy. Her father, George W. Bush, was especially excited, since he’d finally “have a little fishing buddy.”

Jenna and Henry welcomed their baby boy on August 2, 2019. They named him Henry Harold “Hal” Hager.

“He is named Henry after many on his father’s side including his dear dad and his paternal grandfather,” Jenna told People. “Harold comes from my maternal grandfather, Pa, who I loved dearly and was unable to keep a son long enough to name.”

On August 5 — after a few days of spending time with her family and her new baby boy — Jenna took to Instagram to announce Hal’s arrival. She wrote, “Welcome to the world my darling Henry Harold ‘Hal’ Hager! Hal came into the world Friday, August 2, 2019 at 9:02am and our life has never been sweeter.”

jenna bush hager baby

Henry and Jenna were immediately in love with their baby boy. Jenna shared numerous photos of her new son on Instagram. She just couldn’t get enough of his sweet snuggles.

Mila and Poppy were so excited to meet their baby brother. “And our world made even sweeter when our girls met their baby brother,” Jenna wrote. They even came up with their own nickname for him right away.

mila poppy hal

“We weren’t exactly sure about the name, but then his big sisters arrived and they called him Hal Pal,” Jenna told People. “So we thought, ‘This is just perfect!'”

bush parents

Jenna’s parents, George W. Bush and Laura Bush, were “over the moon” about welcoming a new grandson. Jenna told People, “My dad was a little mad that the name wasn’t George but [was] just kidding. He said [Henry] was a cool name.”

George W. Bush shared a photo of his family on Instagram, writing: “@laurawbush and I are thrilled to welcome Henry Harold Hager to our family. We are happy for the proud parents, @jennabhager and Henry. And pleased that Mila and Poppy have a little brother to love. We thank God that mom and baby are healthy, and we look forward to many years of loving the boy known as Hal.”

george laura hal

George and Laura are very happy to have a baby boy in their family. They only ever had girls — twins Jenna and Barbara — and Jenna only had girls, so this is the first grandson in the Bush family.

Laura Bush shared similar photos on Instagram, writing:”We are overjoyed by the birth of our darling grandson. Welcome to our family, Henry Harold ‘Hal’ Hager!”

Jenna’s work family also sent their congratulations to the new family of five. After delivering her baby boy via caesarean section, Jenna needed some recovery time. But she called into the show on August 5 to tell her cohosts that she was feeling “good.”

baby boy

On the phone call, Jenna said, “I think when you’re held up in a hospital room with a newborn and you see the light in his eyes, you think, ‘This is what life’s for — to make the world better for our little babes.'”

Jenna continued: “And even though the news outside these walls isn’t so great, seeing the joy in their eyes, that’s what we’re here to do — make their lives safe. And he’s a beautiful, funny little man.”