12-Year-Old Who Says He’s Afraid To Sing Puts Twist On ‘Let It Be’ And Judge Slams Golden Buzzer

by Jess Butler
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Twelve-year-old Henno William was finally old enough to audition for South Africa’s Got Talent, and he was ready to make a name for himself.

In the video below from 2015, the young boy explains, “I’m afraid, but yeah — I’m excited.”

He walks onstage and sits down at a keyboard in front of a full crowd of people, as well as the judges who will decide his fate. Henno starts playing the keyboard and sings the first few notes of “Let It Be” by the Beatles.

Instantly, the crowd screams for the 12-year-old, encouraging him to sing louder and with immense pride. He looks up and connects with the three judges right away and seems to forget that he was ever afraid at all.

As Henno’s cover of “Let It Be” progresses, he puts a twist on the song and makes it all his own!

Obviously, the crowd is loving it and can’t stop cheering for him, as he continues to belt out this famous hit. The 12-year-old lets his voice shine during his audition, and the judges really seem to enjoy his style.

Once the song is over, the judges all leap up onto their feet — and one even slams the Golden Buzzer to send him through to the first live show!

Check out Henno’s powerful performance for yourself in the video below, and please SHARE if you’re glad he was able to share his voice with the world!

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