She Has Never, Ever Had A Haircut, Then A Friend Demands She Get A Makeover

by Emerald Pellot
Emerald is a writer, illustrator, and a Libra.

Helene is 29 years old and had never cut her hair in her entire life. In fact, her long locks surpassed her own height at over six feet long. When she walked around, Helene had to wrap her hair in a little bundle to tame it.

Her mane was getting out of control, so her best friend of 25 years pushed her to get a makeover on Rachael Ray.

Helene had always wanted to donate her hair and this seemed like a great opportunity to help out others and finally change her look. Resident stylist Kyan Douglas made the big cut.

He didn’t want to shock Helene with something too short like a pixie cut, but he probably got rid of around four feet of hair. They also gave the young wife and graduate student some stunning highlights.

When her best friend sees Helene for the first time in the video below, she is stunned. She literally can’t close her mouth, in total awe of Helene’s drastic change in appearance.

Helene catches a glimpse of herself and reacts similarly, flabbergasted at her reflection. After the momentary shock, Helene quickly grows to love it.

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