Couple Sifts Through Rubble Of Burned-Down Dream Home And Finds Heirloom Wedding Rings

by Grace Sisto
Grace Sisto is a writer, undercover unicorn, and lover of music and beautiful soulful things.

Donna and Mike McKendry had built their dream home on Skyview Terrace in Ventura, California, only to lose it in the Thomas Fire.

Their house, along with dozens of others in their neighborhood, was completely destroyed. Thankfully, along with their dogs, the couple was able to escape in time.

Now, they say that having everything taken away from them has given them a new outlook on life.

“What was important before isn’t so much now,” Donna reflected. “It puts things into a new perspective.”

The McKendrys discovered what had become of their home when FOX 11 went to investigate.  The news outlet had received a request to go check on the home over Twitter.

The family was completely devastated by the news and is still processing what has occurred.

The McKendrys say they plan to rebuild their dream home, something that will likely cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. They were, however, able to salvage something that they could never put a price on.

“I found my mom’s original wedding ring, and I’m really glad,” Donna says. “It’s not in great condition, but I’m going to have it for the rest of my life.”

Though the family has experienced this devastating tragedy, they are keeping a positive outlook and happy to have escaped with the things that matter most: their lives and some priceless family mementos.

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