Nurse Wipes Newborn’s Blood Off His Face, Then Dad Spots His Strange Birthmark

by Rebecca Endicott
Becca is a writer and aspirational dog owner living in NYC.

Every baby who comes into this world is a unique blessing.

After all, no two people are alike, and the fact that we’re all different is part of what makes humankind so wonderful!

But some little ones are just a tiny bit more different, like we saw with this sweet tot with a distinctive pattern of polkadot birthmarks.

There will always be bullies who make fun of people for being even the slightest bit outside of the status quo, but fortunately, there are also lots of lovely people who know how to recognize a blessing when they see one.

That’s certainly the case for the family and friends of Cinar Engin, a little guy born in Ankara, Turkey, to lots of fanfare and acclaim.

He was famous right from the start, because little Cinar has a dramatic birthmark on his forehead that has earned him the nickname “the Love Baby.”


Tiny baby Cinar was born in late 2015 to parents Ceyda and Murat.

He was born in the delivery wing at a city hospital in Ankara, the capital of Turkey.

Right away, his parents noticed something different about him.


As his father explained to Caters News, “After a nurse cleaned the blood off his head, I was the first to see the birthmark on his head.”

He added, “I was really surprised. When I came too close his head, I realized that it was an amazing heart. It was difficult for me to hold back my tears.”

In some ways, Cinar’s story reminds us of little Matilda Callaghan, who was born with a mask of polkadot birthmarks.

Matilda is lucky enough to have parents who see her distinctive features as part of a beautiful whole, rather than as a disfigurement.

Cinar is similarly fortunate, with parents who absolutely dote on their little one.


In fact, Ceyda and Murat like to think of the birthmark as a blessing — after all, a birthmark is just a spot where an angel kissed you!

The Engins called the sweet birthmark a “gift from God,” and will teach their little boy to cherish the things that make him special.


In fact, almost everyone Cinar meets seems to have a similar reaction to his beautiful “love” mark.

The nurses in the delivery room immediately started calling him the “Love Baby” as soon as he was delivered.

Some of them even took the opportunity to snap a selfie with the “blessed” little boy.


Now, Cinar is just over a year old, and his birthmark doesn’t show any signs of fading.

Instead, the unmistakeable heart shape sits proudly over his eyebrow, marking him as the adorable “Love Baby” he is.

Who knows, maybe it’s a sign and he’ll grow up to be the Mr. Rogers of his generation!

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