10 Healthy Family-Friendly Halloween Snacks

When the month of October rolls around, it’s time for elaborate costumes, spooky decorations, and scary movie marathons. It’s also the time of year when there are plenty of sugary snacks available for you (or your children) to gobble down everywhere you turn. And while there’s nothing wrong with indulging in a piece of candy or two (or maybe even five if you’re unable to resist raiding the sweet supply that’s been put aside for trick-or-treaters), you also don’t want to overdo it with the sugar. But that doesn’t mean that you have to totally deprive yourself and your kids of delicious treats.

If you want to enjoy something that will satisfy your sweet tooth or please your palate when you’re in the mood for something savory while also providing your family with nutritious nibbles, then be sure to check out these 10 healthy, family-friendly Halloween snacks that you and your little ones — and even party guests — will adore.

1. Pumpkin Pie Cups

pumpkin pie cups

Pumpkins aren’t only good for carving jack-o’-lanterns. They also make a tasty treat if prepared properly. To do just that, simply pop some sweet pumpkin pie filling into cups and add a dollop of homemade whipped cream (you could try a coconut cream option or a keto version) and a touch of dark chocolate, nutmeg, or cinnamon on top, and you have a delicious dessert-like snack.

2. Creepy Cheese Balls

creepy cheese balls

Transform your favorite cheese ball recipe into a spooky snack with a little spidery addition. Cut one black olive in half to create the critter’s body, and slice the second half into strips that you can use as legs. Place them on top of your cheese ball for a creepy and creamy Halloween snack.

3. Meaty Eyeballs

meat and cheese eyeballs

When you take a look at this snack, it looks right back at you! Take a stuffed green olive and wedge it inside a small ball of soft mozzarella cheese. Make sure that the olive is poking out of the cheese and that the red pimiento in the center is visible. Next, wrap thin slices of ham (preferably prosciutto) around the cheese while making sure that you can still see both the cheese and olive in the center — your result should look like a meaty eyeball.

4. Coconut Waffle Spider Egg Balls

spider egg cookies

Roll some waffles into bite-sized balls, cover them with coconut flakes, and what do you have? Giant spider eggs! Grab some creepy, crawly plastic critters to add to the plate of treats to take this spooky snack up a notch.

5. Trick-or-Treat Snack Mix

halloween snack mix

Snack mixes are a great nosh to nibble on no matter what time of year it is. But put some into a few festive cups and serve it as Trick-or-Treat Snack Mix — either store-bought or your own combination of tiny delights like dried fruit, nuts, popcorn, cereal, etc. — and you have an easy-to-eat option that’s perfect for parties or a simple snack for you and your kids.

6. Spidery Seven-Layer Taco Dip

spider dip

Taco seasoning, salsa, refried beans, guacamole, sour cream, cheese, tomato, peppers, green onions, oh my! What’s not to love about seven-layer taco dip? And to add a Halloween vibe to the tasty snack, simply pipe on the sour cream in the shape of a web while adding a black olive spider in the center.

7. Deviled Eggs

pumpkin deviled egg

If you’re feeling both impish and snacky, then deviled eggs are the mouthwatering morsels for you. Whip up your egg yolks with mayonnaise, and season the mixture with white vinegar, mustard, salt, and pepper before spooning it back into the hollow part of half a hard-boiled egg white. Finish it off with a sprinkle of paprika, and add sprigs of green onion to the top to give your deviled eggs a seasonally appropriate pumpkin-like look.

8. Cauldron Corn

halloween popcorn

Turn a normal bowl of popcorn into cauldron corn with the help of a mini pot that’s worthy of a witch. Give the snack a little extra Halloween flavor by shaking on some savory cheesy seasoning or sweet cinnamon if you prefer.

9. Frankenstein Guacamole

halloween guacamole

Avacado fans will love your freaky Frankenstein-inspired guacamole dish. Chop up and mix up avocados, cilantro, tomatoes, onions, and whatever else your heart desires, then squeeze on a little lemon or lime juice and spread your green mixture onto a plate or pan. Pile some blue nacho chips at the top to create a striking hairdo before adding a few extra details with salsa. The eyes can be made out of onions and olives. This monstrous dish is dangerously delicious!

10. Freaky Fruit

halloween fruits

If you and your family love fruit, then you’ll adore this sweetly freaky idea. If you have bananas in the house, cut them in half and stick on some raisins to create tasty ghosts. You can also remove the peels of oranges (or mandarins and clementines), then pop a tiny piece of celery or green apple into the little hole on the top. Voilà — mini pumpkins!