32 Headboard Ideas And DIY Tips For Every Style

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Headboards were traditionally used to protect occupants in uninsulated houses while they slept. During colder months, these wooden homemade headboards would keep the cold from the bed making sleep a lot more comfortable at night. In modern times, headboards have become more of a focal point or centerpiece to many bedrooms, though mostly used purely for aesthetic reasons. They can be as creative or as practical as you can imagine with so many DIY headboard ideas on the market.

If you are looking for some great headboard ideas to spruce up your bedroom, we have found an extensive list of options for you to splurge on. For you weekend-reno-project warriors out there, we also have a ton of practical examples of how to make a headboard on your own to save money.

We hope to get your creative juices flowing here at LittleThings to create that ultimate space of relaxation in your bedroom with these unique, one-of-a-kind headboard ideas!

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Vintage Headboard Ideas

DIY book headboard idea

Book Headboard

We love, love, love this unique headboard by @zombie_polaroids made with a selection of books that give a romantic antique charm. It’s visually appealing, and it provides a refuge for book lovers who appreciate the features of this rustic headboard. The books are artfully placed to replace your traditional upholstered or iron headboard.

We found this tutorial from Design Everyday that gives us a step-by-step guide to creating this beautiful DIY headboard. It may look simple, but this Pinterest-worthy homemade headboard requires a lot of planning and measuring so that the books are perfectly aligned. Regardless of the effort involved, this one-of-a-kind rustic headboard is absolutely lovely (#bedroomgoals)!


Grand sienna headboard urban outfitters

Grand Sienna Headboard

We came across this romantic and rustic headboard that features a lace-inspired design. The large scale of this headboard makes it a focal point in any bedroom. It is a stunning piece that can be found at Urban Outfitters for $600.

If your wallet is screaming “yikes,” we found this budget alternative from Decozilla that requires just lace curtains. You can drape them above your bed with some simple curtain rods. Crafty lovers of DIY headboards can also consider the alternative to a rustic headboard with this tutorial from Tea Rose Home. We love the Asian-inspired design of this privacy-screen DIY headboard idea that costs $160 in materials instead of the hefty version from Anthropologie or Urban Outfitters.

Rustic Headboard Ideas

Pallet reclaimed wood headboard

Pallet-Turned-Reclaimed-Wood Headboard

My sister-in-law graciously gave me a quick tutorial on how she created her masterpiece of a pallet headboard. Her supplies list included pallets from around town; a pry bar, hammer, and skill saw; sand paper; watered-down white paint; polyurethane; plywood; stud finder; a 2×4; and a nail gun. It was a labor of love that she pieced together after using a pry bar to take apart pallets she found around town. Once the desired panel was formed, she used a nail gun to attach the pallet pieces to some 2×4 and a piece of plywood. When the pallet headboard was built, she sanded it all down, then covered the surface with a couple of layers of polyurethane followed by a couple of coats of watered-down white paint.

For more details and tips from a similar project, check out the very detailed tutorial from The Thinking Closet.

Gray pallet wood headboard

Pallet Headboard

Sometimes, all you need is to find the perfect pallet for an amazing pallet headboard. Just clean and treat the pallet so that there’s no dirt or splinters still stuck on it. The simplistic design has great results as displayed by @agalex’s gray headboard made with two treated pallets that were not taken apart or altered. You can also consider the romantic number by @originallangsters, where two Crate & Barrel styled lamps were installed to a long slab treated for a pallet headboard. We love the version by Cathey with an E, where she details how she came across the pallet and the simple installation she did to create her pallet headboard. An important note for when you’re searching for your pallets: be sure to find a stamp on the pallet that says “HT,” which stands for heat-treated and is safe to be used for your pallet headboard. Pallets with the code “MB” means that it was treated with methyl bromide, which is not safe to use.


Upholstered Headboard Ideas

Quilted upholstered headboard idea

Quilted Upholstered Headboard

The most comfortable and practical upholstered headboards are quilted and plush, like the white headboard found by @fourcornersinteriors. We love the modern six-panel contemporary style that looks so chic against some chevron-patterned pillowcases and duvet covers.

It’s a style that can easily be a DIY headboard. We found a super-simple version by Reality Day Dream using damask patterns and made with 18 panels instead of six. All you need for this upholstered headboard are some wood, underlay, staples, and a staple gun, plus a bottle of liquid nails. Check out their tutorial for a simple weekend project on how to make a headboard.

Nailhead upholstered headboard
Cherlaine Tabo

Nailhead Upholstered Headboard

A square, nailhead trim headboard is an effortlessly elegant look for any bedroom. If you’re in a hurry for your bedroom makeover, you can purchase this headboard design from Pottery Barn, or you can try to DIY like I did.

I recreated this style myself when my boys decided to destroy my pegboard headboard with a screwdriver and picked at the little holes with their little fingers. My project was easy and makes for a cheap headboard that suited our style. It required some fabric, craft foam, a stapler, and copper studded pushpins that had pretty designs on it. The whole project cost me $15 to recreate with materials purchased from Walmart and Michaels. I did not have to cut the foam or the fabric, I simply wrapped the materials around my existing pegboard and made tight folds to be stapled to the back of the board. The pushpins were then pressed into the foam, and that’s all! If you are concerned whether the pins will stay, add some fabric glue or use a glue gun to attach the pins directly onto the materials.

Cheap Headboard Ideas

Fabric headboard idea

Fabric Headboard

Headboards should reflect your style and the theme of your relaxing haven much like this luxurious fabric headboard by @nataliamiyar. The elegant white-and0gray palettes creates a tranquil space to help you wind down at night.

To duplicate the look, we found this DIY headboard idea to fulfill your dreams of a one-of-a-kind homemade headboard that reflect your own personality and creativity. It can’t get any simpler than this cheap headboard feature from True Blue Me & You: DIY for Creatives. All you need is a wooden frame and your choice of shower curtains from Bed, Bath & Beyond for $30 to create some cheap headboards.

Tiled white headboard

Tiled White Headboard

Lovely tiles can make for a calming retreat within your own bedroom with the white headboard shared by @alzuleycha. The art deco tiles provide a beautifully serene backdrop in a 1920s European fashion.

If you are looking for some DIY headboard ideas with similar designs, we found this cheap headboard tutorial by Sweet C’s that can be done for $12 in 20 minutes. You can order these plastic tiles and mount them on with a large roll of mounting tape. The project can be easily completed over a weekend using art deco faux tiles to create the white headboard of your nostalgic dreams.


White pegboard headboard

Pegboard Wood Headboard

A minimalist headboard requires very little innovation and added handiwork to make it an original piece to suit your modern style. Check out the sleek-looking white headboard featured by @minimalistveganlifestyle: it’s a cheap headboard idea that fits the budget and is easy to find. I personally had a similar headboard that matched my pegboard jewelry display. You can easily find pegboards at local hardware stores or buy-and-sell websites for a small price. There’s hardly any work involved except for buying a couple of hooks and trays from the hardware store to hang your art and other knick-knacks. The modern style of a pegboard wooden headboard is great for small apartments that can use more storage.

For more DIY headboard ideas with a pegboard, we found a very useful tutorial from Sugar & Cloth to help you out. For a variation with a little more pizzazz, take a look at the cute version from Hip Brown Home.

Washi tape headboard

DIY Washi Tape Headboard

For a very fun and cheap headboard, we love the innovative design of the DIY Washi Tape headboard created by @mrsnayledit. You can personalize the colors and pattern to your own preferences; there isn’t a right or wrong way of completing this simple project.

The cool part is that this simple DIY headboard project only costs $4. You could easily change up the color of Washi Tape you use and create a new pattern as frequently as you like. This could be a great headboard idea for the ever-changing and creative teenager.

Reclaimed-Wood Headboard Ideas

Chevron reclaimed wood headboard

Chevron Reclaimed-Wood Headboard

If you are a huge fan of the old-world charm of a reclaimed-wood headboard, you will fall in love with the feature by @iwannagohome7 and obsess over the baby crib headboard with @rawrestorations. Both chevron-patterned reclaimed-wood headboard ideas sport those shabby-chic vibes that are so popular among interior design magazines.

We found this floating chevron headboard from Etsy that you can purchase that is equivalent to those two squeal-worthy DIY headboards. The geometric patterns on this reclaimed-wood headboard are stunning as an art piece but functional as a wood headboard.

Fireplace mantel reclaimed wood headboard

Fireplace Mantel Reclaimed-Wood Headboard

If there were a guest room where I would like to overstay my welcome, it would be this one in @kristaroser’s house. The stylist’s guest room is a whimsical dream with a quaint but romantic fireplace mantel as a reclaimed-wood headboard, all done within a $40 budget. We love the detailing in this perfect piece, especially if you are looking for a white headboard to go with the rest of your shabby-chic white decor.

The best tutorial on how to make a headboard with an old fireplace mantel is the post by Apartment Therapy. The tutorial estimates a budget of $65 to complete the homemade headboard project and requires some antique shop-hunting for an old fireplace mantel and an extensive list of hardware store items. The results are breathtaking: it’s as if you have stepped back in time into a Victorian bedroom fit for a countess.

Tufted Headboard Ideas

DIY tufted headboard

DIY Tufted Headboard

The most popular headboard on the market is a tufted headboard like the one featured by @providenceltdesign because of how plush and comfortable the luxurious design looks and feels. Tufted headboards can suit almost any style. Personal touches can be added, such as colors and the height of the headboard. Prices range anywhere from $500 to $5,000, and it can be found in many furniture stores.

Here at LittleThings, we are a nation of DIYers ready to take on any projects to beautify our homes. That’s why we found you this amazingly easy tutorial from Apartment Therapy on how you can create your DIY headboard with $110 and within six hours.

Tufted no sew headboard

Tufted No-Sew Pegboard Headboard

Tufted headboards can be easy DIY projects, as @trashtotreasured can attest. If the thought of using needles and thread scare you as much as it does me, this tutorial from Remodelaholic would be just right for you with this DIY headboard idea. Instead of using plywood and lumber to build your frame, all you need is a pegboard and a couple of 2x4s for leverage.

The trick is in using trellis wires versus sewing your buttons onto the headboard for the tufted look. The results are the same as the above, just a different method to this popular style of tufted headboards. Let us know which one works better for you!

Metal Headboard Ideas

Steel metal headboard

Steel Metal Headboard

Incorporating a metal headboard into a room creates an artsy atmosphere worthy of any creative minds. If you are looking for an interesting metal headboard, check out this unique steel headboard by @ingrid_renee. If you feel comfortable enough to make cuts and patterns into metal, you can turn this easily into your weekend DIY headboard project.

Grid metal headboard

Industrial Metal Headboard

For those who like a more modern and industrial look, try a metal grid headboard above your bed like this one from Urban Outfitters. The best part is that it’s as affordable as a DIY headboard because it’s under $70. If you wanted to add to the look, you could attach some vintage photos to the grid with a clothespin.

Fabric Headboard Ideas

Macrame wall hanging fabric headboard

Macramé Wall-Hanging Fabric Headboard

Bohemian bedroom decor is a huge hit for lovers of relaxed-chic styles that don’t require too much maintenance. There is such charm in having eclectic pieces that make the room whole. We love the macramé fabric headboard from @retrodentulsa because of its calming simplicity. You can hang it on a curtain rod or on a piece of driftwood — the design is completely up to you.

If you feel adventurous enough to attempt to create a macramé wall hanging yourself, learn from the awesome tutorial by Guide Patterns or you can purchase one from Etsy.

Curtain rod drape fabric headboard

Fabric Headboard With Curtain Rod

Using curtains as your headboard is the quickest way to spruce up your bedroom. This adds a subtle sensual element to your tranquil escape, like the sweet haven created by @tteamaarit.

For a total of $60, you can create your own with the help of the effortless tutorial by Nify Mag. The posh drapery of their design makes the bedroom look like a boutique hotel in Paris. The ambiance of any room can instantly be transformed into a luxurious getaway that is both seductive and welcoming. To add a little more ambience, try hiding twinkle lights behind the curtain.

Simple diy fabric headboard

Simple Fabric Headboard

Looking for some weekend inspiration for a quick DIY headboard project? We have our eyes on the coastal little number by @thelordbyronhote,  with its sweet blue and faded white circular patterns. This fabric headboard gives a beachy feel to any bedroom, it and can be easily duplicated with the lovely floating headboard tutorial by Kindle Your Creativity. In her tutorial, Briana used a sunny and fresh-looking pattern that is just as precious for any toddler beds or guest bedrooms.

You can alternate the type of fabric and patterns to complement your own style and theme of your bedroom. All you need is $50 worth of materials which include some skinny slats to be built together for a frame, some batting and fabric, and a couple of screws. It will dress up your bedroom in less than a day, making you want to make your bed when you wake up in the morning.

Bookcase Headboard Ideas

White bookcase headboard

White Bookcase Headboard

What’s not to love if your headboard can also give you some extra storage with a bookcase attached? It’s not just a great feature for a child’s or teen’s room: it’s amazing as a guest room or any small spaces where extra shelving is needed. The great thing is that you can easily find and purchase one from Amazon, then customize it how you style the rest of the bedding accessories to make it a truly unique bedroom retreat.

If you do not have a budget to splurge on a new bookcase headboard, get inspired by taking a look at how @aleeshadenise was able to repurpose a bookshelf she already had and use it as her version of a bookcase headboard. Layer the look with some curtains and voila, you get an exclusive and sophisticated new bedroom!

Floating bookcase headboard

Bookshelf Floating Headboard

Transforming your existing floating headboard consisting of just a regular old bookshelf can seem daunting at first. Maybe you have already gotten attached to the style you put together, or you just can’t seem to get creative enough to make it any more than it already is.

Get inspired by the modern country style of this floating bookshelf headboard by @stacyw8 , or get some fresh ideas from the updated headboard tutorial by Happy At Home. Personally, I am obsessing over the refresher done by Happy at Home. They outdid themselves in transforming a mundane bookshelf into an incredible shabby-chic masterpiece along with a new coat of paint, batting, and fabric headboard.

Iron Headboard Ideas

Bird iron headboard

Iron Headboards

Time for a bit of a splurge section with two examples of iron headboards that you won’t need to spend any time on over the weekend. Both gorgeous iron headboards from Wayfair and Anthropologie will set you back a hefty $1,000-plus, but are worth every bit of your entire paycheck to indulge in. Both feature handcrafted and lacquer-painted birds that will bring so much personality to your bedroom. The detailing is elegant and sophisticated, priming your bedroom as a showroom piece that you will be proud to present to family and friends.

Unfortunately, unless you are educated in making iron crafts, you probably won’t be able to pull off a DIY headboard version. But check out our next feature for something you can attempt!

Faux iron headboard

Faux Iron Headboard

Iron headboards like the piece featured by @gracefulgallimaufry are very romantic centerpieces to your luxurious bedroom retreat. The intricate design and bold metallic colors can complement any room settings. But a one-of-a-kind piece that doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg is hard to come by, unless you frequent your local antique store.

We found the next best thing for you with inspiration by Beyond Cookie Cutter for a very real faux iron headboard. What’s the secret behind her craft? PVC pipes and metallic spray paint! It can’t get simpler than this DIY headboard idea. We love the end results, and you can add to it by putting your own signature details and personal touches.

Leather Headboard Ideas

Leather headboard

Customizable Leather Headboard

When it comes to leather headboards, you probably think of an upscale piece that is stylishly fit for a Hollywood Western star, like this one by Danish design lab By Thornam. You can easily find this at their store By Thornam in the price range of $1,200 to $1,500. The sui generis leather headboard is handcrafted and customized with the finest aniline leather. Held up by leather straps and handsome gold rings, it’s a masculine headboard that you can add to any formal bedrooms.

The popular style prompts DIY warriors to create their own version as DIY Network did with a faux-leather headboard. Materials you will need to attempt this project are plywood, faux leather or vinyl, carpet padding, batting, cleats, and wood screws. The results are perfection!

Faux black leather headboard

Faux-Leather Headboard

Paneled leather headboards are another very popular headboard choice for those that want the simplistic elegance of leather headboards. This black headboard from Home Depot creates a classy atmosphere that is modern yet not rigid. Modern and sleek bedrooms often utilize leather headboards to give texture and warmth to a minimalistic style.

You can create your own with the help of the challenging yet satisfying tutorial by A Thoughtful Place. Four layers are built with batting, wood, foam and faux leather to be attached by Velcro strips for a sweet and dramatic bedroom makeover.

Floating Headboard Ideas

LED headboard

LED Headboard

For the geeks in us who love futuristic furniture designs, gawk at the awesome gray headboard featured by @adventureinarchitecture. A lot of innovation and creativity went into this bespoke piece that is contemporary, industrial, and modern.

LED floating headboards are no longer a thing of the future. You can incorporate it into any of your bedroom features with the help of the amazing tutorial by Remove and Replace. Here, the black headboard is made with some leftover walnut floor from a past project, while LED lighting is wired and attached to a medium density fiberboard backing. You can customize it further by making the LED lights dimmable to any settings you set it to.

Rustic door headboard

Salvaged-Door Upholstered Floating Headboard

The eclectic farmhouse barn-wood headboard by @northof60charm is singing to my inner DIY enthusiast. We love the interior inspiration made with an old upcycled door. The quaint cottage barn-wood headboard is accented by a faded paint job and a unique upholstered panel.

Luckily, we were able to find you a tutorial to build your own from Buildipedia, which gives us an in-depth video tutorial with tips and detailed steps. Their end results look much more polished and refined, which gives you a great idea for alternatives if you’re not too into shabby-chic decor.

Mirrored Headboard Ideas

Cheap mirror headboard

Cheap Mirrored Headboard

Mirrored headboards have a fairy-tale charm to them, especially when paired with whimsical color schemes and paisley bed accessories such as the one featured by @playing_with_pretty. You can easily glam up your room with some easy-to-install mirrors that are measured and spaced out perfectly.

Here’s a cheap and chic tutorial that will give you similar results from Apartment Therapy. All you need is about 30 little Ikea mirrors secured by adhesive squares, because the mirrors are very light weight. Give this easy mirrored headboard makeover a try when you have your next weekend off and tell us about it!

Oversized mirror headboard

Oversized Mirror Headboard

Finding an oversized mirror can get expensive, and it’s even harder to find the right one. If you are looking to create a special mirrored headboard for one of your bedrooms like the super swanky one posted by @bsmithdesign, why not learn how to make a headboard with mirror panels with the tutorial from the DIY Network?

You will need to find mirrors that fit into the panels of your chosen door. After that, it’s just about mounting the mirrored headboard onto the wall.

Barn-Wood Headboard Ideas

Barn door headboard

Barn Door Headboard

Living in the countryside has the perk of finding unbelievable antique pieces to create your own barn-wood headboard, like this one by @audrakurtz. If you’re lucky enough to find something as gorgeous at a local antique store, you can simply mount it as your headboard.

You can also purchase a matching set from Etsy or create your own from scratch and make a faux reclaimed-wood headboard with this tutorial by Lil Luna.

Reclaimed wood barn door headboard

Reclaimed-Wood Headboard With Barn Wood

For a different look, we love the variation by @realantiquewoodmill. The pine and hemlock reclaimed-wood headboard is a rustic piece of art made from recycled wood that will have you looking for more farmhouse-chic furniture like this.

Shanty 2 Chic did a full tutorial on how to make a very similar project with a budget of $60. All you need is a few slabs to nail together and walnut wood stain from Rustoleum to complete your project. The faux antique farmhouse decor gives you the complete country-chic feel without the worries of where the door has been, even if you’ve thoroughly cleaned it a bunch of times.

barn wood siding headboard

Siding Headboard

Barn-wood siding also makes for some funky homemade headboards, even if they aren’t in the best of shape. Check out the fabulous custom barn-wood headboard handmade by @10to2boutique. The vintage distressed planks give a woodsy feel to any bedroom with a cottage=chic theme. Kammy’s Korner fine-tuned a funky version with her tutorial using a friend’s used barn-wood sidings, a little bit of sanding, and watered-down white paint. It’s a brilliant makeover that is effortless and fun to put together.

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