He Didn’t Want A Pet – Until He Got The Most Adorable Surprise Of His Life!

by Julie Roberts
Julie lives in greater New York with her husband and dog. Cooking, gardening, traveling, and being as active as possible are some of her favorite hobbies. She is not a big fan of TV - except maybe The Food Network.

Benji the five-week-old pygmy goat wasn’t supposed to be Tom Horsfield’s pet, but since the day Benji was born, the two have become inseparable.

Benji’s mother had twins, and was only able to take care of one of her babies, so Benji was left without a mom. That’s when Tom stepped in and decided to hand-rear Benji. Feeding him five times a day (starting at 4:00 a.m), and taking him to work, Tom has found that pygmy goats are not only adorable, they’re quite loyal and sweet to boot!

“Everybody loves him,” Tom says. “He’s go plenty of character, he’s a bit of a show-off…he likes nibbling people’s shoelaces.

The customers, they love him here.”

In a few months, Benji will join the other goats in his heard out in the fields, but until then, he’ll stay right by Tom’s side!

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Benji acts more like a dog then some dogs do!

Benji acts more like a dog then some dogs do!

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