Doctor Finds Huge Tumor In Newborn Baby’s ‘Racquetball’-Sized Heart So He Gives Her A Transplant

by Jess Butler
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Little Hazel was only 5 days old when she was sent to see Dr. Steven Kindel. The young baby girl’s heart was failing and when doctors peeked at her X-ray, they were stunned.

The baby had a tumor in her heart — and it was a huge one.

In the video below, posted on December 7, 2017, Dr. Kindel explains, “Her heart was probably the size of a racquetball and the racquetball had a golf ball inside of it.”

As you can see in the video, we can compare the enormous mass in Hazel’s X-ray to a normal baby’s X-ray. You can see how enlarged her heart is in the photo!

Dr. Kindel says, “Rather than trying a surgery first, we just listed her for transplant.”

Hazel’s doctor decided to skip surgery altogether and aim for a whole new heart. Her mother, Amber Harrison, was scared at first, but once she got the phone call saying it was time, she brought Hazel in for her heart transplant — at just over a month old.

Amber says: “It’s been rough, it’s been happy. Every emotion goes through you, thinking about the donor family. It’s such a gift. An absolute miracle!

Check out how this 3-month-old bundle of joy is doing now in the video below, and please SHARE if you’re glad Dr. Kindel was able to save her life!

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