Pregnant Mom Gushes Blood At Home And Thinks Baby Died, But Gives Birth To Placenta Instead

by Barbara Diamond
Barbara is a passionate writer and animal lover who has been professionally blogging for over 10 years and counting.

At her 20-week prenatal scan, Hayley Scholes was diagnosed with placenta praevia, or a low-lying placenta. Doctors said she’d need a caesarean section if the condition did not correct itself.

Two months before her due date, Hayley was standing in her living room when she felt something that just didn’t feel right. She sat down on the sofa and felt a “gushing” feeling, then ran to the bathroom.

There was blood everywhere. “It was like a crime scene,” Hayley said. “It was just pouring out of me.”

Hayley’s two daughters were absolutely traumatized by their mother’s screams and the sight of so much blood. And since Hayley and her partner Daniel had recently suffered a miscarriage, Hayley thought the worst was happening all over again.

The ambulance arrived, and shortly after Hayley felt contractions. If she didn’t have a miscarriage, it was still way too early to go into labor.

At the hospital, the doctor realized Hayley was not giving birth to her daughter at all. Instead, she was giving birth to the placenta.

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