3 Kids Bite Into Cupcakes To Reveal New Sibling’s Gender, But Boy Loses It When Frosting Is Pink

by Caralynn Lippo
Caralynn is a writer, native New Yorker, TV enthusiast, and dog mom to Hobbes.

I’ve seen plenty of gender reveal freak-outs, but this might be the sweetest one yet!

Photographer Chlee Lisi of Meridian, Mississippi, is already a mom of three. She has two daughters and one son — so young Hayes is already used to being outnumbered. As it turns out, Hayes was getting his hopes up for a certain outcome after Chlee announced that she was expecting baby number four with new husband Nick.

The family gathered at Cafe Grazie in Orange Beach, Alabama, in late July for their big gender reveal. To find out whether they were having a new son or daughter, Chlee and Nick gave the kids cupcakes with blue or pink filling to indicate the gender.

In the clip below, all three kids are very excited to find out the gender of their new sibling. But Hayes, in particular, has a huge smile on his face at the beginning of the reveal video. Unfortunately, the poor little guy’s hopes are soon crushed, as he and his sisters bite into the cupcakes and realize they are filled with pink.

Hayes immediately breaks down, silently contorting his face in sheer, overdramatic devastation over the fact that he’s not going to get a little brother. His family can’t stop laughing in the background.

Chlee posted the gender reveal video on YouTube and on her Facebook page, where it soon got over 4,800 views.

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Footage provided by Chlee Lisi

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