20-Year-Old Man Who Ages 5 Times Faster Becomes The Only Male In The World With His Disease

by Amy Paige
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When Sharron Crowther’s son Harry was about 1 year old, she noticed strange pigmentation and freckling forming under his armpits.

This was the first of many times she would sense something was different about him.

Doctors said the freckling was just a harmless birthmark, but as time passed, Sharron’s gut said it was attributed to something more serious.

Sharron and her husband sought more opinions and met with various specialists over the years. When Harry was 7, he and his family were sent to America, where they finally received his diagnosis.

Harry was born with atypical progeria syndrome, a premature aging disorder that causes him to age five times faster than normal.

Harry suffers from symptoms similar to those of elderly people, such as painful arthritis, bone deterioration, limited mobility, and fatigue.

Harry’s case is extremely unique — so unique, in fact, that he is the only known male in the world diagnosed with this specific form of progeria.

But as you’re about to see, this inspiring young man lives his life with more gusto and positivity than most people.

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