Jewelry Wizard Pandora Has A Brand-New Harry Potter-Themed Charms Collection Out Right Now

by Stephanie Kaloi

Jewelry company Pandora has discovered one magical way to make 2020 better: It has just launched its brand-new Harry Potter-themed charms collection, and it’s so good that it’s difficult to know what to gush about first.

Seriously: Harry Potter fans will love these charms (and also: how cute is it that these are charms, fellow wizards and witches?!). You can really pick your poison or go wild and buy them all. For the sake of all things HP, we’re just going to discuss a few of the cutest:

The Deathly Hallows Dangle Charm ($55): This charm is obviously a must-have for anyone who wants to bedazzle their wrist with this ultra-important reminder of the real meaning of the series.

The charm features each of the three iconic magical objects that Harry and Dumbledore end up chasing. As fans of the books and films will recall, Harry is ultimately successful.

Harry Potter Glasses, Nimbus 2000, and Lightning Bolt Charm ($65): I love this charm set because you get three for basically the price of one, and these three items are hugely important to Harry Potter fans the world over.

Harry Potter Sorting Hat Charm ($45): Hello, most legendary magical device! The Sorting Hat charm is a must-have.

Hedwig Charm ($55): OK, listen — I can’t really look at this beautiful charm without crying. It’s the sweetest reminder of one of the truest characters in the whole series, and the charm itself is beautiful.

Openwork Harry Potter Icons Charm ($50): This is a clever little charm! It features several important Harry Potter icons, including the Golden Snitch, a magic wand, and Hedwig. Hermione would definitely approve of this clever bit of magic.

Hogwarts Acceptance Letter Charm ($55): Look, this is perfect for every single parent who has their child convinced that they’re actually a wizard or witch who totally attended Hogwarts. Now you can show them this charm and say, “See? I even shrank my acceptance letter so I could always have it with me.”

Harry Potter Charm ($55): And of course, no wrist would be complete without The Boy Who Lived. Look how cute he is with his Gryffindor scarf!

There are even more adorable options at Pandora, including Dobby (tear!), Hermione (cheers!), and Hogwarts house charms (Ravenclaw forever).