This Pomeranian Husky Mix Is Dressing As Harry Potter For Halloween Because Dogs Like Magic, Too

by Stephanie Kaloi

Accio … a Harry Potter-loving dog?

Potter the Pomsky, a husky/Pomeranian mix who is aiming for Instagram fame, is a pretty cute fan of Harry Potter.

Or at least he better be, because he shares one defining characteristic with England’s favorite boy wizard.

As his owner explains, “Well, when we got him, we were trying to figure out a name for him. On the way home … they said it looked like he had a lightning bolt on his forehead.” The pup’s name became clear, and Potter the Pomsky was born.

Of course, no wizard is complete without being able to perform a few magic tricks. While Potter the dog might not be the Quidditch flying ace that his human counterpart is, he is quite adept at wowing his family and friends with his own version of flying — on a Roomba.

And, of course, he loves donning his Gryffindor scarf and signature glasses while doing so.

His owner shared that the Roomba was, “my wife’s idea. I told her there was no way he would ever get on that Roomba and sit still, a 14-week-old puppy.” It turns out that the trick to getting Potter on board was probably what you expect: a whole lot of treats.

Like wizards everywhere, Potter appears only too happy to surprise and delight his family and fellow Harry Potter fans. There’s no word yet if Potter has made any friends, but here’s hoping he runs into his own Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger while he’s out trick-or-treating this year.

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