Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Will Likely Break Tradition Yet Again With A Banana Wedding Cake

by Ileana Paules-Bronet
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When Meghan Markle and Prince Harry announced their engagement on November 27, 2017, fans of the royal family were immediately in a frenzy.

A new member of the royal family! Another royal wedding! New royal babies in the future!

In the days following the engagement announcement, Meghan and Harry did a few interviews to talk about their pending nuptials.

The two, who always look absolutely smitten with each other, spoke about Meghan spending time with Harry’s family. Apparently, the Queen’s corgis loved Meghan immediately.

The couple began talking about their plans for the May 2018 wedding, which will take place in the same chapel where Princess Diana and Prince Charles christened Harry as a baby.

Harry and Meghan also announced that they’ll be breaking tradition with their wedding cake. The two have decided to pay homage to the beginning of their romance with a banana cake.

Find out the adorable reason for their decision to go with banana cake below!

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harry meghan

On November 27, 2017, the royal family announced that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were engaged to be married.

The couple announced their relationship in October 2016, and just over a year later started preparing for their wedding.

meghan and harry

Harry and Meghan will get married in May 2018, just a month after Kate Middleton is expected to give birth to her third child with William.

The wedding will be intimate and romantic, unlike other royal weddings.

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Instead of tying the knot in Westminster Abbey, they will wed in the smaller St. George’s Chapel.

Located on the grounds of Windsor Castle, the chapel is also where Prince Harry was christened in 1984.

wedding cake

One of the more surprising details the couple has revealed about their wedding is the flavor of their cake.

Instead of going with a traditional wedding cake, Meghan and Harry will have a banana cake, according to a source speaking with The Telegraph.

banana cake

It turns out, they’ve chosen banana cake for the sweetest reason.

Last October, just after Meghan and Harry’s relationship was confirmed, Meghan shared a cute photo on her Instagram.

cuddling bananas

The picture shows two bananas next to each other, with hands and faces drawn on to make it look like they’re cuddling.

“Sleep tight xx,” Meghan wrote in the caption.

meghan harry engagement

Harry notoriously loves banana-flavored anything, but this cute little picture is just another reason they’re excited to have banana cake.

Meghan also seems to be a big fan of bananas; she has multiple pictures of breakfasts with bananas on her Instagram.

meghan breakfast

Normally, the top tier of a wedding cake is saved for the first anniversary, but in the royal family it’s saved for the christening of the couple’s first baby.

Because it may be years before you get to eat that cake tier, royals usually go with a long-lasting fruit cake.

prince harry

It’s nice to see some of the younger royals breaking from tradition, and Meghan and Harry aren’t the first to do so.

Although William and Kate had a traditional eight-tiered wedding cake for their reception, Prince William’s groom’s cake was made out of chocolate cookies.

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