18-Year-Old Artist Takes Internet By Storm With Bean And His Life Lessons

by Grace Eire
Grace plays in a band and is the mother to a black cat named Fitzhugh.

Sometimes, the simpler, the better.

UK artist Harry Hambley found a simple style that is clearly working for him very nicely. Folks around the web seem to be catching onto the 18-year-old’s quirky comics of a character that he originally called Bean.

Bean deals with topics both heavy and light, inspirational and satirical. Sometimes, the comic is just a silly pun to make you laugh on a bad day.

“I came up with the character just through doodling a lot, and once I started posting the comics online its appearance and the idea around it changed a bit,” Harry told LittleThings of coming up with the idea for his blobby Bean character. “Its unofficial name is Bean, but a lot of my followers refer to it as just Ketnipz.”

If any of the following comics make you happy or brighten your day, then you’ve made this young artist happy.

Which is your favorite Bean?

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This is one of the hardest lessons of all.

if you cant love yourself

How much did you like Moby Dick, really?

How much did you like <i>Moby Dick</i>, really?

Is this what the kids are playing these days?


We've all had days like this.

to do

This would be funnier if it wasn't actually terrifying.


You can just say "I'm fine!" and be done with it.

happy face

Time can do that to you, can't it?


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